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Challenge Coins
custom made for
everyone and any event!

Each link on this site will lead you to a manufacturer of custom coins, some specialize in Military Coins, Challenge Coins and all other types of custom coins. Contact us today for an accurate estimate for your custom coin order:

  • Challenge Coin FINISH

  • Challenge Coin
    3D CHARGE?

  • Challenge Coin SIZE

  • Challenge Coin WEIGHT

  • Chalenge Coin MATERIAL

  • Challenge Coin EDGING

  • Challenge Coin PAINT

  • Challenge Coin PACKAGING

  • What do you have in mind for a challenge coin project. Let one of our in house graphic designers answer all your questions. Complete an Quote Request and get a response promptly.

Challenge Coins
Custom Challenge Coin Makers - Military Coin Manufacturers.

We make coins at the following factories, please add in the comments section which you prefer.
South Korean Made, China Made and USA made Challenge Coins

Coins minted in the USA average 8-24 weeks for a
complete order.

Challenge Coins
made overseas can be made as fast as 10 days!
USA made coins are superior in quality. Overseas made coins allows for any size and shape custom coin. Challenge Coins

Make your request for the particular country of origin wihtin the quote form
Dies take 2-4 weeks to create
in the USA.
Dies made overseas, made in less than 24 hours! 1000 custom coin order overseas: as low as 2.40 each!


Challenge Coins

Our challenge coins are not cheap, they are all made of brass except where die cast zinc alloy is required.

Antique Bronze Challenge Coin
2 sides painted
for both sides
Antique Bronze Challenge Coin
2 sides painted
for both sides
Brass, NO color
Add color: $1.50
per color/per side
$1,000.00 +
Per side
$2,662.00 +

Challenge Coin



Challenge Coin Features


Per Coin


Ask your Challenge Coin Company, who makes or manufacturers your coins.
Challenge coins are mostly produced overseas. Coin costs are much more expensive here in the USA.

Coins in the USA can only be made as round coins.


Make your custom coins with a manufacturer
you can trust.


Bottle Opener Coins

Challenge Coins
are not just run of the mill anymore. Production charges for custom coins are worth every penny. Understand all the details about your custom coin order.

Commemorative Coins serve many purposes: business cards, awards for great service, tokens of appreciation. Promotional coins can promote your next event or gathering. Like minded individuals carry coins as camaraderie.


Custom Challenge Coins

Click on the link above or below.
This is an automatic custom challenge coin quote generator.
Sign up for a free quote.
Create your own wish list, forward them to friends, get the club on board with your custom coin project.

FREE Custom Coin Design

Military coins started to become very popular in 2000, most all military units continue to create, trade & issue these coins.
Military Coins are often used as a coin of excellence.

Coins made overseas range from in coin production time:
RUSH: less than 10 days
NO sample: less than 20 days
WITH sample: less than 35 days
ARTWORK & SHIPPING not included as production time.
Additional fees apply to RUSH production.

Custom Coins

Custom coins have been in production since 560BC.
Our time in the business is a little less than that, but so much to learn from all of our resources.

Oldest Coins - Challenge Coins

Coins are a great way to promote your business.


Coin designs transfer well to other protional products & awards such as:
Lapel Pins Custom Lapel Pins Key-chains Custom Key-chains Medallions coin manufacturer Tie tacks lapel pin manufacturer Cuff links challenge coin maker Tie bars challenge coin designs Pendants


Create coins with just the bare essentials
for less than $4.00 per custom coin.
100 coin minimum. 1.56 inch in size your choice of metal finish.
Mention promo code: MAKE CHALLENGE COINS


Custom Challenge Coins

South Korea makes a great challenge coin. South Korean Challenge Coins are deeper in relief.

It is inexpensive to create coins for brand promotions.
Upgrade to other features for a little jazz.
Almost all of our features are less than $0.80 per coin.

Triple plated Challenge Coins
Bottle Opener Military Coins
Coins in the shape of a Dog Tag

Challenge Coins make for great gifts, small enough to pack on a small journey.
Try toting around coffee mugs or T-shirts. Coins are convenient and cheap.
Commemorate with challenge coins. Trading Pins are also compact and toteable.

Questions asked by people making challenge coins.

Custom coins are best made from a perspective of budget.

  • How many coins will be created?
  • What is the diameter/size of your custom coin project?
  • Thickness?
  • Weight?
  • Do you want the coin with soft enamel or hard enamel?

    While there are many questions to answer to determine what custom coin will suit your needs best, we would be more than happy to speak with you.

    China made Challenge Coins
    South Korean made Challenge Coins
    USA made Challenge Coins

Experience plays a great role in any skill or trade.
Education, Work Experience, Work Ethic, Attention to Detail and many other traits come to mind when I seek services.


Make Military Coins


When do I see artwork for my coin design?

Once our coin designers receive a completed order form we begin our artwork clock. Our artwork service is free with the custom challenge coin order form.
No commitment to an order, no problem, we charge $50.00 per hour for our time. promocode: artworkonly

Great Coin Making News... Use this artwork time as a credit when you place the order. Our time is valuable. Don't waste time of several
companies to create your free artwork and make all those changes. Be honest and I am sure you will be treated the same.

Does the challenge coin order form mean that I am committing to a coin order?


How do I know I will like what you design for our coin?
If you submit the challenge coin order form, we work with you all day long, until your happy.
If you desire artwork only, no commitment, we charge by the hour.
promocode: artworkonly

Can I see a picture of the coin before full coin production begins?
Sure, there is no additional cost as this time for our sample coin production phase. Time is only needed to
prepare and create the samples, generally 2-3 weeks. 2-3 week for full production after that.

Make Your Own Coins

How can I send you an order form?

Fax eMail as an attachment: Mail it via Deliver it in person
B & W
We may just be closer
than you think!

How quickly after you receive my order form will the custom artwork created?
Submit Monday, receive the coin design Tuesday
Submit Tuesday, receive the coin design Wednesday
Submit Wednesday, receive the coin design Thursday
Submit Thursday, receive the coin design Friday
Submit Friday, receive the coin design Monday
Submit Saturday, receive the coin design Monday
Submit Sunday, receive the coin design Monday

Custom Coin

To ensure the time frame above, please include the following with your coin sketch:
Fonts used: Arial, Times New Roman, Georgia?
We can spend 20 minutes font shopping our own database. Time is money and we want to save you mega coinage!

PMS colors used?

Names of images in case we need to search for better artwork. You know your information better than I. Help me, help you.
Any specific instructions regarding your needs will assist in a quick turnaround.
Always send us your best artwork, Garbage in Garbage out. Great Challenge Coins start with Great Challenge Coin Artwork generated by our in house coin graphic design team.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


Personalized Coins

Custom Challenge Coins

Just to see if your are still with us. A quiz. Can you guess which coins were made where?
Choices are: China, South Korea, USA? CLICK the picture to find out where.

Challenge Coin

We look forward to serving you. Custom Coins, Lapel Pins, anything out of metal, bottle openers, key-chains, etc...


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Promotional Coins

Coins are great for promoting an event, a promotion, a business.


Engraved Coins

Engrave names on each coin, serialized numbers/numerals, coded messages,
change the year on a coin by engraving. Make your own coin unique and stamped personally for you. Coin production is done by coin stamping. Engraving is done with a diamond tip scribbing into the metal. Coin creation is amazing. Contact us today for your free quote.

Custom Military Challenge Coin Software

You do not need some special coin design program to create your own challenge coins. No special challenge coin software needed at all. Send us your best images we can make coins from most art. If it is not good enough we will make it good enough. Send us your file in Power Point, Word, a sketch on a piece of paper, send it in the mail, via email. We can do some amazing things from what you can think of. Our coin designer's are standing by to assist with your custom coin order.